Our goal

We strive to make a differance in the hosting market. We want to offer quality VPS servers with all the management options for a cheap-ish price. However there are more companies that have thought this way. Only they often lack quality, uptime and support. On top of that, we strive to protect nature. Not for advertising purposes but because we really care! Therefore our servers only use green energy! Resources or by some people considered "speed" is something we strive to provide plenty of, you can have a nice large vps but you also need the juice to push the most out of it!

Our roots

We started as gamers ourselves. We wanted to host our servers by ourselves since most hosting companies has serious issues with uptime, support and abilities. If you can't edit the server into the form you want it to be, what's the point of having it then? In that philosophy we use vps'es for our customers so they can edit every last byte of the config file of their server!

Our operation

We are an organisation based in Belgium. Currently all our servers are also based in Belgium.
This central location in Europe allows us to reach out to every European country, and beyond!

Be part of our community

We don't see our business as a business, this isn't plain simple economics. We want to create a vast gaming & hosting nework spanning across multiple games, platforms and more! If you are looking for a decent host with a future and the knowledge, ... welcome!

Our uptime guarantee

We exercise a special guarantee upon our VPS servers.
"If you server is down for more than an hour, you'll recieve a free day of hosting for every hour after the first hour."
This means that whenever your VPS is down, when we are to blaim (broken network, faling servers, ...) you will recieve extra hosting days.
For example, there is a power failure, after 3 hours, you would recieve 2 extra days of hosting as a compensation.
There is a maximum of 7 days per event (8 hours), disasters do not apply (for example: hurricanes, floods, etc).
Note: To apply for this after an event, you should contact us.