WaP - hosting: Minecraft plans

On this page you can order services for your minecraft server.
Programs that are allowed: Standard, Vanilla and Bukkit. Player slots are unlimited.
If you are looking for advise for you needs, please consult the Solutions page.


Each VPS is delivered with an OS, remember this consumes a bit of the available memory!
We will deliver VPS'es standardly with Windows 7, linux os'es are available on request.
VPS sizes are available at 0,5 GB increments. Each VPS can have a maxmimum of 25GB ram.
SSD space is available with a maximum of 60 GB per VPS. HDD space at a maximum of 950 GB per VPS.
Network usage is generally unmetered, hence there is a limitation of 100 GB per GB ram.
The VPS will be closed immediately if you conduct illagal activities using the VPS.
All VPS'es have to be set-up manually! Set up takes a maximum of 24 hours, 1 hour during office hours. Contact us for live info!

Order your VPS using Paypal or Credit card.

All plans can be bought for a minimum of 1 month, all plans can be upgraded whenever you wish.
All prices in Euro's are solid, prices in USD are not, this depends on the current exchange fees, prices in USD are only an indication!