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Using the ram options you can customize your VPS, in the second menu you can enter the duration.
For example: You want a 4 GB VPS with 5 GB SSD storage for 2 months.
Select the 2 GB VPS, the duration and "click add to cart", a new tab will open with the paypal cart summary.
On the newly opened tab, set the quantity to 4 units (Four times 2 GB equals 8 GB terms, this is good for 4 GB for 2 months, you have ordered 4 2 GB monthly packages.) Then return to our website (don't close the paypal tab) and select the SSD and again the term (2 months), click add to cart and return to the other tab. You have to asjust the quantity of the SSD once again to 2 units (2 months).
You can now pay the needed ammount.

Second example: You want to buy a 6 GB VPS for 6 months with 5 GB SSD and SLA.
You can enter this vps package in many ways, either you can select 36 (6 times 6) packes of 1GB or 6 packeges of (5GB + 1GB).
For your SSD simply order 6 SSD packages, for the SLA also 6 packages.
Don't forget to enter the duration everytime!

If you already have a VPS and you simply want to lengthen it, enter the VPS its code in the "Extra information" box.
Such a code can consist of (MCWx, Ax, Bx, Cx, Dx, ...)

If we see something is wrong with an order we will halt this and try to contact you.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

All plans can be bought for a minimum of 1 month, all plans can be upgraded whenever you wish.
All prices in Euro's are solid, prices in USD are not, this depends on the current exchange fees, prices in USD are only an indication!