WaP hosting - Special solutions

This page has been made to help you in your quest to find the right server package for you needs. Afterall you might be confused with all the blurry numbers and abbreviations. On this page we set a general needs guide, for the main game we host, being minecraft. For other games like cod or TS, the needs are pretty clear and are sold by slot while minecraft isn't. If the general explenations given here aren't all to clear, you can always contact us for our advise.

  • How many slots? Introduction Most people only look at this fact, but that is completely wrong, unlike most games minecraft has an enormous range of updates, plugins mods, .jar's and more... That only creates a better game with more things to spend your time on, but it also causes more resources usage. This resources usage can be devided into 4 things, CPU usage, RAM usgae, HDD usage (iops) and network usage. Most hosts sell by RAM, this is logical as the servers we operate are mainly limited by the ram that is in them. We operate 32GB ram servers, and sell a maximum of 25.
    To remain ontopic, you'll have to spread your resources under the type of server you operate, the plugins and the players. But also other factors like map size will play a role. The most easy thing to upgrade is memory, we and most other hosts sell our plans by ammounts of memory. For some heavy bukkit plugins or programs like tekkit you'll also need more CPU power, you can better choose our high performance minecraft plans, then. Larger servers (40+ slots) or when u operate I/O intensive plugins (logs for example), it is advise to use SSD's. We offer SSD's on all our plans and is available at 1,5 Euro/2 USD per 5GB. SSD's will allow you to write changes in your files away much faster, this will cause less of a delay for other changes. This will create a complete laggfree world for your players!

  • The type of server This is the bare start, what type of server will u use? We will give a simple summary of the major types of servers from light to heavy.
    Standard < vanilla < bukkit < tekkit
    For any standard or vanilla server our standard plan will suffice, on average you can host 20 players per GB ram per server. For a bukkit server with a couple of plugins, its mainly ram that you need, the standard plans also suffice. For a super heavy (cpu) or tekkit sever for the good of your server, you should go for our high performance plans. Playerslots can range from 5 to 15. All depening on your plugins and mods.
    (This is an average value and is subjected to many factors)

  • The VPS When you have decided the memory you need, make one last sidenote, VPS's can't allocate the full number for ram to your actual server. This is the (only) downside of a VPS, the OS (operating system) also has to use some memory. On a windows VPS You can allocate about 650 MB for the fisrt GB of total ram, for every extra GB you can easily allocate 750 MB. Note this also depends on the programs you install on the vps, these also use memory. Linux based VPS'es can allocate much more memory to the server.

  • Upgradeability We understand that for everyone it can be a bit strange to know from point one how much memory or other resources your VPS will need. Thats why our policy allows you to upgrade your server at anytime you wish during your subscription. For example, if you have a 1GB VPS with 20 days left, you can request an upgrade to for example 2GB, we will upgrade your vps and it'll have 10 days left on it. You can request these upgrades simply by contacting us.